Seventh Street Development Group

is a consulting firm specializing in solid-state chemistry and pharmaceutical development. It was founded by Dr. Ann Newman who has over 30 years of large pharma and contract research experience. We offer consulting, training, and webcast services.

Are you facing any of these issues?

Crystallization Process Changed

Has your synthetic or crystallization process changed resulting in a final material with different properties?

Inconsistent Products

Is your formulation process giving you inconsistent products with varying results?

Poorly Soluble Drugs

Is your drug poorly soluble and you need ideas for tox formulations, preclinical studies, and early clinical studies?

Early Development

Do you need help in early development with form screening, characterization, or choosing the best form for development?

Problem With Materal or Product

Do you have a problem with your material or product and don't know where to start?

Regulatory Questions

Are you getting regulatory questions on solid forms, characterization, or performance of your substance or product?

Additional Forms to Patent

Are you near launch and want help in finding additional forms to patent?

We can help.